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Growing up in New Jersey, Evelyn always felt life had a deeper meaning.  As she got older, spirituality was elemental throughout her life.  While studying at LIM College, she gained immense experience through her incredible jobs in the fashion and entertainment industries.  In her senior year, she landed an impressive position at Viacom and soon earned a degree in Business Administration with a focus in marketing.

When the young professional found herself overwhelmed with intense anxiety that stemmed from working under an acrimonious supervisor, she knew she would have to lean on her spirituality to get through it.  Desperate for guidance from a mentor, Evelyn began an online quest for help.  That’s when she discovered Gabrielle Bernstein, a New York Times best-selling author, powerful motivational speaker, and ardent spiritual leader.

Taken with Bernstein’s coaching style and dynamic advice, Evelyn became inspired to pursue a certification as a holistic healing practitioner, which she attained in 2020.  She found it blended very well with her fondness for the healing properties of crystals, as well as the Law of Attraction.  Later that year, the visionary became a certified Reiki Master, too.

As a holistic healing practitioner, Evelyn has shaped her own highly effective approach that helps people heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.  Her technique leads her clients to step beyond the physical world to expose and transcend underlying emotional challenges.  By incorporating positive energy healing methods, breathwork, the Law of Attraction, mindfulness, and meditation, she gently guides individuals into a mindset of abundance.  And she flawlessly weaves her innovative strategies into traditional coaching practices, including action plans, goal-setting, vision boards, and solutions-focused questioning designed to raise your vibration and boost vitality.

In addition to Evelyn’s practical, hands-on tools and remarkable energy work, she is also clairvoyant and clairsentient.  Clairvoyance is the gift of psychic vision and clarity, while clairsentience is the metaphysical ability to sense the past, present, and future physical and emotional states of others.  These exceptional traits enable her to deepen the healing experience for her clients.  Evelyn looks forward to connecting with you to help you start living your best life starting now!

Copy of FREE 3 Day Mini-Adventure to Reconnect & Heal with Inner Child Workshop.png


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