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Strange LoveTrue Blood : Season 1 Episode 1

Adele Stackhouse (née Hale), commonly known as Gran, was a character on HBO's True Blood. She débuts in the first episode of the first season. She is portrayed by starring cast member Lois Smith.

Strange LoveTrue Blood : Season 1 Episode 1

Sookie watches a shouting news program between a reverend and a woman from the American Vampire League. Her grandmother comes in and they decide Jesus wouldn't mind if someone was a vampire. Sookie eats sausage, tasting more flavors in it than usual. She describes being able to taste the grass of the farm not realizing it is the vampire blood making her taste buds so sensitive and her grandmother gives her a strange look. Tara comes in, demanding info on her vampire date. Jason also comes in in time to hear grandma's news: a tornado turned over a trailer, the one where the Rattrays lived. They were crushed to death. Later, Sookie comes home to her grandmother cleaning. She smells rotten food and finds a tiny crumb under the chair, again through her heightened senses from drinking the vampire blood. Gran tells Sookie that Jason and Tara insisted in coming over that night to meet the vampire, too. Later that night, Bill comes over. As he greets everyone, Jason stuffs his face and stares him down. Bill talks about where he's from. He says he came back because the last of his Compton line died and he's living in their old place. He says he expects the Vampire Rights Amendment to pass. Jason gives him some vampire prejudice. Tara asks if he owned slaves. He didn't, but his father did. He charms Gran with stories of the olden days. Bill asks Sookie to go for a walk. Jason tries to forbid her, but Gran shuts him down.[7]

Vampire blood can be used as a recreational drug, so there are dealers who capture vampires, drain their blood, then sell it. Sometimes they kill the vampire in the process. In the first episode, an unethical couple lure Bill into the parking lot to drain him, which Sookie overhears using her telepathic ability. Sookie is surprised to discover how easily some silver and the promise of a tasty snack can disarm a vampire. She rescues Bill and their relationship is born.

Since True Blood is seven seasons long and plays like a made-for-adults vampire drama, it is one of the best TV shows to binge. The most important episodes of True Blood stuck with fans years after the series ended in 2014. Whether we are talking about the introduction of Jessica Hamby, or Sookie discovering her surprising ancestry, these moments in the show offer valuable plot information. From "Strange Love" to "Thank You," these are the most significant episodes of True Blood. After you've watched these essential episodes, make sure to check out these other shows like True Blood.

"Cold Ground" is one of the harder episodes to watch, but it's important nonetheless. Gran bites the dust, and after Sookie discovers her grandmother in a pool of her own blood, her life gets really rough, really fast. As if she doesn't have enough to deal with, her pesky telepathic abilities force her to listen as everyone in town silently blames her for Gran's demise. 041b061a72

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