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Dtm Race Driver 3 Nordschleife Download

If you were using the pedal to the metal at the start of the race, your finger might have looked a little like this. If you didn't like that, you were probably quite happy with the Super Mario Kart-style kart section, where you used your racing skills to knock rival drivers out of your way and avoid getting dropped by a rival kart as you raced down the track. But even if that was all there was to the game, it would still be pretty decent. Thankfully, this all changes at the end of the kart section, when you get back to the other cars to move onto the racing circuits. Real cars you know what to expect by now, but the other cars in the Arcade Circuit section take a little getting used to: the all-new Porsche 919 can be a bit ropey, and even more ropey are the wildly over-the-top Merc F1 cars with their nothing less than a Le Mans '88-style engine. The track layouts are fun, and the handling is at least decent, but there are far too many cars in the list to actually get a feel for what each of them are like in actual races.

Dtm Race Driver 3 Nordschleife Download

In terms of content, Racers goes a bit all over the shop. There's a retro arcade section packed with cars from real racing series from the 1980s and early 90s, a collection of over-the-top characters (including one lady who's more heat than a fizzy drink), stunt skids, a lengthy career mode with tons of content, leagues, special challenges, and plenty of racing circuits all over the UK and Europe.

But, if you've been steering through the pits at Brands and Brands and Brands, then the drivers have done a pretty good job of making the real things easier to handle, as there's no braking at the start and no understeer as you approach the final hairpins. But, unlike the real thing, there isn't a brilliant carcass with a flappy rubber that delights as you zoom by on the outside.

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