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INSTALL OPCOM EN WINDOWS 7, 8, 10 y 11 64BITS - YouTube

Although, as the updated Windows mentioned above also includes certain drivers for the device, as I found with Intel (as there is no chance anyone can take a platform and not have driver updates) the faster speeds and possible USB 3.0 afer a year or two, the older USB controller will not and I think you will have to still use the older USB 1.x solution or purchase a USB 2.0 bridge such as the one suggested above - and note that the latest Windows (7 and above) will not load on older Windows.

opcom usb v2 driver windows 7 33

If you have an older program and version of Windows and it won't run, it probably needs a specific driver. I suggest visiting the hardware manufacturer's website, and if you need drivers for Windows XP, Vista or 7 you can search for your device on their website's support page. There, you may find drivers (whether for Windows or not) that suit your requirements.

If you are not using Windows, you may need a USB to RS232 converter (a 3.5mm to DB-9 or DB-25 cable is all you need) and a USB to RS232 D-sub cable (DB-15 is all you need for RS232 devices such as most ECUs.) You will also need an adaptor to make the 3.5mm male connector into a RS232 (i.e. DB9 or DB25) female connector. The adaptor can either be an in-the-box one, or an after market one.

If you have an adapter such as the CI one, it will typically contain the RS232 communications port and driver for the OS it is installed on. Be sure to have the interface line up exactly as the adapter instructs you. If the CI adapter's onboard RS232 driver works fine, but for whatever reason you need to install a different RS232 driver, then you can do it as follows.

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