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It's been said the fact that Madden is an incremental improvement over the previous installment. The reviews range from the best franchise game ever to a decent but not spectacular sequel Mut 24 coins, however everyone seems to agree that it's reliable for some action on the gridiron. The Madden NFL 24 Review currently in process praised the variety of Ultimate Team activities and more exact control, but discovered that some of the changes in Longshot as well as Franchise XP might be unsettling long-time fans. Find out more about the range of opinions as well as MMOexp's sister website Metacritic for more opinions.

"Madden 24" is a great football game that has improved on last year's edition in nearly every aspect. There are some issues however, there's never been a football match that is more authentically resembling its counterpart in the NFL than this one in regards to presentation, controls, as well as depth. Madden 24 servers are scheduled to launch on August 10th MMOexp's final evaluation will be released after we've tested them thoroughly for performance." --

"Despite some minor problems, Madden 24 is going to be a game that you'll play well into beyond the Super Bowl and beyond. It effortlessly climbs to Madden's Mount Rushmore; every stride and swagger every reason to go back and play a game again with its full capabilities on the field. Madden has never been more enjoyable for cleats-on the-ground-nitty-gritty gameplay. Its peripheral games, such as Longshot: Homecoming, shouldn't be left out as well. The utmost care and attention is poured into the game , from the opening coin toss until the final whistle. you'll love every second from it." -Bradley Russell Bradley Russell [Full review]

"Madden 24" returns to the main theme of this game which is the moment-to-moment gameplay between the ending zones. Its biggest flaw is the mediocre story mode, which fails to recreate the excitement of the original, but it's offset completely by the brand new player interface which once more makes use of the effectiveness of Frostbite's engine. In addition, Madden 24 has finally mastered the slightly monotonous feel that makes it difficult to play each and every time. The game features Real Player Motion offering fluid field experience and the Franchise mode's customization providing an additional level of authenticity, Madden is in a excellent position buy madden 24 coins." -" Dustin Toms [Full review]

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