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Welcome to the eG Forums, a service of the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters. The Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the culinary arts. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. Anyone may read the forums, but to post you must create a free account.

Ebooks forums free download I'll Be There for

There are lots of old cookbooks that have been digitized by various people (libraries, Project Gutenberg, Google...) and are free to read and download. The problem is getting to know about their existence. I'll try to post the ones I saved. If you know books that are missing in this list then please reply with the links, so I'll edit this post and add them, thanks.

Now, if you've run across various forums, you may have seen people refer to AZW format, or AZW3 format. The former is the actual, final, encrypted Kindle format that is dispensed from the Amazon store, to your Kindle as a purchased book. That's not a format that you can make yourself. And, even if you could, you can't upload that format at the KDP, the Kindle Digital Publishing platform. The latter, AZW3, is a file format, created to emulate what's called "KF8," (the more-advanced Kindle formatting) by a piece of free library software called Calibre. However, just like AZW, you can't upload an AZW3 file format at the KDP. You can certainly make a file in that format, and side-load it to your own Kindle device, but you can't publish it. Obviously, that format, then, lacks utility. Fine for personal use, but useless for publishing. If someone starts yammering away at you, talking about how you can convert your file to AZW or AZW3 format, for the purposes of publishing--that's not someone to whom you should be listening.

- there's another free program called Skitch that lets you do free hand drawings and upload them as notes. On my phone, there's not much room to draw with my finger, so it's only good for little doodles. But I could see how with a tablet, this would be a great way to sketch out ideas when they come to you.

In some of those tutorials, Philip uses Anim8or, a fine, free modeling/animation software for making brushes and animated brushes for use in Dogwaffle. Really cool stuff. Anim8or is a great software in its own right, too.And This Page contains a pile of links to tutorials for Anim8or as well as a link to the main site where you can download it for free, with no strings attached!It is a freeware vertex modelling program with some really great features!

They offer both paid and free online coding classes. In fact, there are currently over 1,000 free courses in the web development category. Note that on Udemy, courses can be created by anyone, so make sure to read reviews. If you decide on a paid coding course, keep an eye out for Udemy sales and coupons. Check out their web development courses here.

You can download the free plugin, or look into Discussion Board Pro. The premium version includes additional board permission settings, the ability to require admin approval for new registrations, topic following options, and more. Pricing starts at $49 per year.

Some Books on Google Play are completely free of digital rights management - they are either free public-domain books or the rights holder has chosen to provide their readers with full access to the content. In these cases, you will be able to download DRM-free ePubs or PDFs.

Not that I know of. But you can easily read .Mobi books almost anywhere by downloading one of the free Kindle apps from Amazon. They have readers for Windows, Mac, Android, iPad, Blackberries, and almost any other platform you can think of. These apps all support Mobi books.

Hi. I'm really getting frustrated because it seems like half my buyers are unable to download my ebooks once they've paid for them. I'm not sure if they're all just idiots or there's something wrong with E-junkie, but it's a serious problem eating up tons of my time in what should be an automated process. I waste a fair amount of time and get distracted resending download links or attaching the files to emails. I get at least 1 message a day that goes like this:"I purchased Andrews savory sauces and dressing book for my iPad and was having trouble downloading it. Now it says that I attempted it 5 times and it has expired yet I still don't have my book. Where did it download? I have iBooks and kindle on my iPad and it's is not in either of those. Did I miss something what are my options now that the link is expired?"Or this:"Hi,i cant get the book to download, please help!thanks"Or this:"Hi there Andrew, I had trouble working out how to download your dressings and sauces ebook onto my computer and with several attempts, it expired on me. I've already paid (today) and can't wait to get in and have a look! What do we do about this? Could you send me through the download link to try again please? I have just google searched how to "Download and Save an E-book, so I should be good to go on my next attempt. Thanks and Kind Regards,"Anyone else having this problem?What's wrong?

First, bear in mind that Apple only allows direct downloads to their iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPodTouch) from their own App Store; they do not allow direct downloads from the Web to those devices, so those buyers would need to download using a regular computer and then sync the file from there to their iOS device.You may wish to add instructions to your thank-you/download page advising iOS buyers accordingly, and others to simply click the link to download (rather than trying to do a right-click > Save As..., which will not work). You can add this message on every thank-you page by putting it in Seller Admin > Account Preferences > Common Thank-you Page HTML, or add it to the thank-you page for each product in the Message (HTML) field of the products' settings.We haven't had any other reports indicating a general problem with our download system lately; these help pages cover the most common reasons for slow or stalled downloads or links that seem to expire prematurely: notice one of your products is configured to only permit 3 Attempts at starting a download; this is quite likely to increase the proportion of buyers who are unable to complete a download successfully before their link expires due to the reasons explained at the links above. We recommend sticking with our default expiration settings allowing up to 5 Attempts within 120 Hours.That said, only about 5% of your buyers in the past month used up all their Attempts, so they may be running into other issues like those explained at the "slow-stalled" help link above, or they're just waiting too long and trying to claim their download after the Hours limit has already been met (this counts Hours since payment, not starting from their first download Attempt). You can always reactivate expired links in your Seller Admin > "Re-activate expired links & Re-send thank-you email".If they're not receiving your thank-you emails with a link to their download page at all, ask them to check their Spam folder and mark the message as Not Spam. If they still cannot find the message, you can go to your Transaction Log in Seller Admin, right-click on their Transaction ID and Copy Link, then paste that thank-you page link into your personal reply to the buyer, and may be a good idea to reactivate their link right then while you're at it.

Almost all users have no problems downloading on iPads with Safari. I have posted a video as many didn't know how to use iBooks to read ePubs or were afraid to try them. At the same time I also did ones for MAC and PCs. Android will follow soon.other readers of this forum - please feel free to see these at: In the previous posts you were implying downloads only work from the Apple Store, this is only correct for IOS programs, not for other types of downloads (I won't discuss music as that is a whole other topic!). Also you don't need to be adding in any additional email download clients or needing to download to a desktop or laptop then transferring to the tablet or mobile device. Frankly many users don't even have desktop or laptops anymore, so this isn't practical.I am am not much of a user of IOS devices, however since most of our customers are, I have taken the time to learn how to support them and I strongly suggest E-Junkie do this too! Sure - it's frustrating, but we can't change our customers habits.

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Response to Digital books and digital readers (Kindle, iPhone, etc.)I feel it necessary to mention that I feel Pogue's stance is the wrong one. As much as piracy may occur with digital content, there have been multiple findings that they may, in fact, drive sales (albeit they often lack a controls and samples sizes are often 1). see: -finds-pirates-buy-more-music -of-free.html -stats-post-free-ebook/ -numbers-on-free-random-house-books/I pirated two of Edward Tufte's books as an undergraduate in Geology.Let me be more specific. I downloaded two books which had been scanned and digitized and posted online. The quality was poor, and they were difficult to read, but I was curious and they weren't available at my university library, or the local public library.I have since purchased The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, Envisioning Information, Visual Explanations and Beautiful Evidence for myself. I've also purchased various numbers of copies of each to give as gifts and donate to libraries.I've always gotten a little grumpy when I see people say something like "The proportion of people who left a tip after downloading "Trigger Happy" was 1 in 1,750, or 0.057%." This was Steven Poole who also said at the time that "Trigger Happy" had been downloaded in excess of 30,000 times (as of this comment the counter reads 35,017). But how many people after reading a chapter or two decided to go buy a physical copy and didn't donate, or how many people bought a physical copy as a gift, or for the local library? Further, while Pogue is happy to quote Poole's comments about freetards (an apt term) and his sales figures he leaves out a very very important paragraph."To come back to the relationship between traditionally published books and their electronic counterparts: the happy truth is that right now, electronic downloads don't cannibalize printed sales; if anything, they encourage them. In fact, I would gladly give away my newer book, Unspeak, in the same format right now, except that I am contractually obliged to wait until next year to do so."I believe that holds true even for piracy, if your product is quality, and I can get a taste for free, I'll probably buy it. -- Anonymous Coward (email)

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